Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time for an Electric Car?

There’s a new guide available for the changing world of electric and hybrid vehicles.  Who doesn’t want to vastly expand miles per gallon and reduce emissions?  This guide identifies what’s available and compares vehicle features. We all know about the Toyota Prius, but how much have you heard about the Fiat 500E or the Mitsubishi I?

Sierra Club EV Guide

The EV Guide was developed by the Sierra Club and provides info on EV incentives, emissions, price, current specs, and useful comments about each car’s appeal or issues.

Supply issues are a concern.  The Honda FIT EV is available for lease only.  The Fiat 500E which Wired called “the next best thing to a Tesla” and the Toyota RAV4 EV are available only in California. 

This guide has an interactive feature.  Plug in your zip code and find state and local EV incentives, your fuel savings and your annual CO2 emissions savings.